Artist's Video Report No.3

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have not been posting in the blog for quite a while. The thing is that not all my clients let me show artworks I’ve done for them. I always ask for permission to show the recent artworks and even offer to link to the client’s website from the blog post if he/she gives me permission. However some of my customers ask me to never show the works anywhere, the others ask to wait for a certain period of time till they publish or print illustrations, t-shirt designs etc. Thus the visitors of this blog will never see some wonderful artworks of mine, which is pity, though some others works are coming soon after I get permissions from the clients who asked to postpone showing artworks created for them.

Today I want to show you my third video report with those artworks which I am allowed to show and which were created during April – May 2010. Enjoy!

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