Johnny Cash Portrait

Monday, July 11, 2011

The portrait of Johnny Cash is the first artwork created for Buffalo & Company and their American Music Legend T-shirt Series. I’ve been working with Buffalo & Company for around a year creating artworks reflecting the essence of the company’s business and their mission of creating clothing for real men to oppose themselves to today’s men’s fashion which seems to have lost the idea of classic masculinity.

Portrait of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash portrait, American music legend artwork

I love working with Buffalo & Company because they honor a lot of great men whose deeds have made history of the USA and, in a certain extent, influenced the history of the entire world. With Buffalo and Company I’ve been extending my knowledge about American presidents along with other brave, smart and wise men such as John Muir, Ernest Shackleton and others. Now it seems that I will learn more about some famous American singers and composers whose art and philosophy perfectly fits to the image of real men honoring and taking proud of their manhood.

Johnny Cash entered both the Country Music Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In fact, rock and roll and country music have common roots stretching almost 300 years back to the times when men were fulfilling their main mission of exploring new lands, hunting, fighting and protecting their families on the daily basis. Those men were strengthened by constant danger and challenges they faced while confronting nature and foes. Their physical labor and the role of providers and protectors made those men accustomed to pain, blood, sweat and dirt. Such way of life was reflected both in songs and men’s fashion. Men’s clothing used to be as practical as possible. The clothing was robust, comfortable and purposed to withstand harsh conditions of travel, hunting, fighting and hard labor. Today, when there is hardly any unexplored spot on the Earth and a lot of people have to spend more time staying in cities than in the open country, therefore quite a number of men feel a natural need and even urge to escape from crowded urban areas and indulge themselves in the most ancient activities of the mankind – fishing, hunting, exploring unknown territories. I believe that every man has a kind of a call of the wild in his heard that makes him long for the thrill of adventures. This is exactly for such men that Buffalo and Company produces its clothing.

Country music has absorbed the energy of generations of men who lived and worked closer to nature and had to be strong and brave to be able to take the best of the ever-challenging wilderness. Johnny Cash is one of a few genius artists who not only played the strong men’s music but also developed his peculiar charisma and philosophy which made him worth being called the idol by many of his fans. And I am also proud to contribute to honoring this man by my portrait of Johnny Cash.

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