Personalized Pin-Up Art with a Car

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am happy to announce that my personalized pin-up art keeps on growing in popularity. Within two last weeks I had several e-mails from people asking for information about my custom pin-up drawings. For the time being I observe that mostly women are interested in having personalized pin-up portraits made for them from their photographs as they are planning ahead to give original, unique and intimate gifts to their boyfriends and husbands on the occasion of future celebration of such special events as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Well, no doubt, a hand-made traditionally-looking pin-up style portrait of the wife or the girlfriend is definitely an "out of the box" gift idea.

Not only did people ask for information about my personalized pin-up art, I had also got a couple of custom pin-up commissions. In this post I want to show you the result of one of these commissions.

The custom pin-up drawing shown below was created for a lady named Brittany. The woman was looking for a pinup related gift idea for her boyfriend when she stumbled upon my blog to see my custom pin-up pictures which she considered to be the perfect Valentines Day gift. I've got two pictures of her face and two full length pictures because, as Brittany explained, she was curvier than most pinups but she would like that to be seen in the drawing. She wanted her custom pin-up picture to be something with a car, because her boyfriend loved old cars. As a reference she had chosen a classic pin-up of a girl changing the tire of her automobile (you can see this picture here). Since she wanted her legs to be less covered with clothing in the final drawing than on the example she had showed me, I decided to draw her as a pin-up girl wearing a kind of a bathing suit. Below you can see the final pin-up artwork made for Brittany and the work progress video. As you can see I hone my custom pin-up drawing skills and techniques with every new commission. This time I used brush pens from Pentel along with regular lead and color pencils. But the most important is that Brittany absolutely loved her custom pin-up picture.

Custom pin-up art for Brittany

personalized pin-up art with a car
Custom pin-up art created by me from client's photos

If you are after a personalized pin-up art created for you or your special ones I would be happy to help you in bringing your ideas to life. Just let me know.

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