Bison Drawing

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is another good example of how my artworks shown in previous posts can lead new clients to me. This time I am talking about a bison drawing in the post dedicated to the series of North American wildlife illustrations created by me for Buffalo and Company. The bison illustration had been found by people who also needed original buffalo art to create a cool-looking bison engraving for custom wood urns. Thus they commissioned me to create a new bison drawing for this engraving purpose.

The bison image will be engraved on wooden urns in quite a peculiar and sophisticated way. The engraving company uses a low power industrial laser to “burn” images and wording into soft materials (such as wood & plastic). For the best results with the laser a black and white picture is needed with almost no gray in it. The laser does not interpret gray very well. That is why my style of cross-hatching is ideal for engraving the American buffalo image on urns. The process also requires high resolution pictures with clean edges which can be enlarged without getting pixilated. That’s why I’ve made a rather big drawing to ensure high quality engraving.

After I had created the first bison drawing, a few people asked me which pen I used to draw the animal. Well, I had tried a lot of pens to make pen and ink drawings, but eventually I set my choice on an Axent Autographe 0.5 gel pen. This pen has a convenient design and the diameter of the tip which perfectly suits my drawing requirements. It allows easily control line boldness. This Axent pen along with a few fountain pens is my favorite drawing instrument when it comes to cross-hatching technique.

Drawing a Bison

bison drawing, buffalo art
This is my second bison drawing

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