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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shortly after I had finished the wildlife illustrations project for Buffalo and Company (if you follow my blog you might remember those drawings of an American buffalo, an elk, a bass, a trout and mallards I had created for Buffalo and Company. If you do not know what I am talking about, please, check out the related links below this post) I was approached by a guy from the USA, who had hunting and fishing business, about possibility to make some drawings for him. The guy was impressed by my wildlife illustrations and wanted something in the same style to create unique designs for his promotional products like t-shirts etc. He had plenty of interesting ideas and I really loved working for him.

I want to show you a few drawings I created for his hunting and fishing company which he was about to bring online. The company is called “The Daily Hush” (coined from “the daily hunt and fish”). You are welcome to visit their website dedicated to hunting and fishing. I do believe that sooner or later the site with an online shop, where you will be able to purchase various hunting and fishing products and accessories as well as t-shirts and other stuff with my drawings and designs exclusively created for "The Daily Hush", will become very popular among fishing and hunting lovers.

Fishing Hooks Logo

fishing hook logo (lure flies)
Fishing lure flies logo

Fish Circle Design

trout fish circle
Trout forming a circle (black and white version) 

fish color drawing, trout in circle
Trout forming a circle (color version) 

Cervine Skulls and Bones Design

moose, elk, deer skull

Skulls with antlers and bones of a moose, an elk, a mule deer and a white tail deer

Wildlife Sketches

elk sketch, pencil drawing
Elk sketch

trout fish sketch, pencil drawing
Trout sketch

flying wild goose sketch
Wild goose

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