Custom Pin-Up Poster (1950s Style)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today I would like to tell you about another custom pin-up poster project which I completed a few days ago. There already was a post about my previous custom pin-up drawing from a photo in this blog. Unlike the previous one, today's pin-up was ordered by a lady as an original Christmas gift for her boy-friend. I've received a few photographs to use as references in order to draw a pin-up girl with the client's face. I chose one photo where I thought the face would perfectly suit the image of pin-up.

The woman who ordered the poster wanted to be a sexy nurse on the final drawing. So I offered a few rough sketches of pin-up nurses for her to choose the preferred posture for the final pin-up image.

Pin-Up Posture Options

pin up nurse sketches

When the posture was chosen by the client I could proceed with drawing. I used traditional media to create the artwork in order to be more close to classic 1950s pin-up drawing methods. My pin-up illustration was drawn with color pencils on an A3 size paper sheet. The client got a JPEG image file which size and high-resolution would allow creating large and high quality pin-up posters, calendars as well as printing the pin-up picture on t-shirts or other clothing and items using services from Zazzle or CafePress. The woman loved the final result (which you can see below) and I hope this pin-up poster will be a good Christmas gift for her and her man to spice up their holiday evening and to create the long lasting memory of passion moments.

The Final Pin-Up Artwork

custom pin-up art, nurse

A personalized pin-up can be a good gift idea to express love and passion. What else other than a retro pin-up can be more playful, sexy, seductive, teasing and yet not vulgar and inexplicit symbol of female beauty? Those good old pin-up images stimulate men's fantasies even today as they were meant to do this in the most modest and cutest available way of seduction in which a woman revealing the natural beauty of her body is still not completely undisguised and keeps some secrets stimulating her man to become worth being allowed to discover more. Being drawn mostly by men artists (such as famous pin-up artists like Alberto Vargas, Al Moore, George Petty, Gil Elvgren), who knew very well what women should possess to make men crazy with love and desire, vintage pin-ups will always remain a symbol of an attractive woman for the majority of men.

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