Custom Pin-Up for Cindy

Friday, December 24, 2010

Some time ago I created a custom pin-up for a woman named Cindy. She wanted a pin-up drawing which would look like a classic pin-up art drawn by Alberto Vargas, but with her face and long blond hair. Cindy wants me to make a series of different pin-ups for her to use as unique and personalized graphic elements for her website created for those who love green living and home made products. This is a woman oriented website where Cindy discusses crafts, gardening, allotments, beauty products, fashion, recycling ideas and many other topics. You can visit her website at to see that various pin-up graphics are used throughout the site.

The first custom pin-up created for Cindy was inspired by one of Alberto Vargas' drawings which you can see here:

I did not copy the drawing though. I mean the face is not the only part which makes my pin-up drawing different from Vagras’ artwork. Alberto Vargas, by the way, being the master of pin-up, is very difficult to copy properly, if not impossible. Anyway, I feel better when I do not have to copy other artists’ works having more freedom to bring in at least something which belongs to me. The best thing is that client did not mind these deviations as she loved the result.

Custom Pin-Up Inspired by Alberto Vargas

personalized custom pin-up, pinup
Personalized pin-up for Cindy

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