Pencil Portrait of a British Girl Emma (Christmas Gift)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today I want to show you the portrait of a British girl Emma who is the first person to commission me for a portrait to be given to her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. Although I have already created a custom pin-up which is supposed to be a Christmas gift, this particular portrait was my first graphite pencil Christmas gig this year. I had used one of the young girl’s photographs as a reference to make the portrait and here is the final result.

Pencil portrait for Emma

Emma - a British girl, pencil portrait
Emma from Great Britain

I have also made the video to make Emma even happier.

It is never too early to think about Christmas gifts and especially about the presents for special people. Many have already begun thinking about what to get for their friends, family members, dear and beloved ones for this Xmas. Everyone wants to be original and to give the most unique and meaningful gifts each year. There are two types of gifts: practical gifts and sentimental ones. I must agree that practical gifts are the most popular and thought after. Who does not want to get an iPod, an iPhone, and iPad or other today's popular gadgets and stuff? Well, I am sure there are quite a few people who do not want such presents, but I believe the majority loves gifts which have the practical application. But can one get an expensive gadget or something like that every year for Christmas? What if I wanted to give a person I love something unique, personalized and reminding about me? What if I wanted to make a hint about my feelings to someone who did not know about them yet? What if I wanted my dear person to always remember me and our relationships? Should I get this person something way too practical and owned by thousands of other people? No way… This is when sentimental gifts come in handy.

Sentimental gifts can be anything from a small heart-shaped card to expensive jewelry. What is good about such gifts is that most of them can be a sweet addition to practical gifts. In my case, I offer personalized portraits drawn with pencils or pen & ink from photos in an unusual drawing technique. Portraits are not that boring as simple photographs because an artist can emphasize the beauty of any person's face in a very artistic and creative way. I draw my portraits from photos and people often ask me to use parts of different photographs in the same portrait (e.g. hair style from one photo and a smile from another etc.) which cannot be done properly with any photo editing software. Furthermore, when ordering custom portrait from an artist, your fantasy is less limited than in the case of photography. It does not matter if you want to be drawn as a retro pin-up girl, an elf princess or as whatever character you may think about, a skillful artist can implement your wishes. Unlike photographers, artists can more easily meet the most incredible client fantasy challenges.

I wish marry Christmas to Emma, who was so nice to open my artistic Christmas gift season, and I hope her friend will appreciate such present. And thank you, Emma, for choosing me as your portrait artist!

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