Arabian Horse Drawing

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The drawing of a horse was the key drawing in the series of animal artworks commissioned by Avid Design for the Exmoor White Horse Inn. First of all, the very name of the place contains the “horse” word and it imposes a high responsibility on me as an artist. Secondly, the Exmoor White Horse Inn has a really big equestrian area with too many guests who know a lot of things about horses, and since my horse drawing was to be featured on a panel over the bar it needed to be “bang on” for even horse experts to love it at once. It was a challenging task and I had had to make three drawings before the image of an Arabian horse was approved.

Arabian horse drawing
Arabian horse drawing for the Exmoor White Horse Inn

At the Exmoor White Horse Inn there are a lot of horses used also for hunting. I was actually hired for this project because guys from Avid Design had found the blog post featuring my hunting and fishing drawings. No wonder the hotel offering a package of activities comprising equestrian sport and hunting with horses keeps Arabian horses. Not only Arabs are the most beautiful representatives of the horse family, they are also good for trail or pleasure due to their great stamina and ability to run all day long which is just what it's needed for places like hotels visited by a lot of guests wishing to experience the joy of riding a horse. Thus my drawing was to feature an Arabian horse and of course the horse needed to be white to correspond the name of the inn.

I would like to inform those my readers who have not yet viewed my previous posts on this project that this is the last blog post about my animal drawings series created for the Exmoor White Horse Inn located in Great Britain. This project includes five graphite pencil drawings featuring a trout, a pheasant, a wild goose, a deer and a horse.

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