Deer Drawing

Friday, April 6, 2012

The deer drawing is one of five pencil drawings featuring animals I have created for a British interior design company called Avid Design within the framework of their project for the Exmoor White Horse Inn. If you follow my previous posts on this project you might know that Avid Design was to print images of animals (a trout, a wild goose, a pheasant, a deer and a horse) on window panels for the abovementioned hotel.

deer drawing
Drawing of a deer for the Exmoor White Horse Inn

According to the information on the site of the the Exmoor White Horse Inn the place is very famous for its large population of deer. I looked up in the Internet what deer symbolized and found out that this animal was a symbol of a bunch of good things including love, grace, beauty, happiness, good fortune etc. I’ve never doubted that the beauty of this animal has always been appreciated by people from many countries and thus associated with all kinds of virtues. For the United Kingdom, deer (and namely the Red Deer) are the largest native land mammals. No wonder the Exmoor White Horse Inn promotes the deer rutting season as one of its most attractive events. I hope that my drawing of a stag will create a necessary atmosphere for guests who stay at the hotel to admire local nature and wildlife.

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