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Friday, April 23, 2010

I had started drawing fashion sketches and illustrations not so long time ago when I worked for a graphic design company, that is before my freelance illustrator and artist career began. When I first created a few fashion illustrations my friends said they loved my drawings and advised me to keep on developing my skills in fashion art. After that I had made a few friends related to fashion design industry on Facebook and they told me my fashion sketches and illustrations were pretty good. So I thought that if even people who are professionals in the industry loved how I had drawn fashion illustrations I should go into this kind of illustrations business, at least fashion drawings should be a part of my artist's portfolio.

Having thought this, I created a blog totally dedicated to my fashion sketches and illustrations. When establishing this blog I was planning to attract some fashion designers or fashion and lifestyle magazine editors who might be interested in original custom illustrations for their advertising or other business purposes. You can check out my blog of a fashion illustrator to take a look at some my sketches and illustrations there. Although I do not have a lot of fashion illustrations so far, I keep on working in this direction to perfection my skills in drawing of fashion. My drawing philosophy is to draw realistic fashion figures with minimal or non deviation from the standard human body proportions. From the technical point some of my fashion drawings look like realistic or semi-realistic portraits. I am aware of abstract and non-realistic fashion sketches and illustrations being extremely popular in the contemporary world of fashion design. A lot of fashion designers use drawings of models with extremely long bodies (especially legs). Such sketches seem to be conventional today, therefore my fashion illustrations are out of the mainstream. I love to draw pretty faces for my female fashion illustrations and a kind of attractive feminine bodies because I want my illustrations and even rough “croquis” (sketches) to look like real women for whom, I hope, fashion designers try to create their apparel. Of course, I also pay special attention to drawing clothing details and models poses. I don’t want to tell that my fashion illustrations are better than others, moreover I am sure I must work a lot to improve my drawings and there are a lot of fashion illustrators from whom I can learn a lot and who, if they see my drawings, can severely criticize my art for its realism or other reasons but I am happy when I create something which is close to my favorite realistic drawing style and the majority of fashion people who I know seem to like what I do. So enough with the words here, you can read more on my fashion illustrator's blog and now let’s move on to a few my fashion sketches and illustrations I want to show you in this post.

Teaching how to draw fashion figures (I love having fun with fashion sketching)

how to draw fashion illustration (drawing fashion figure body)

how to draw fashion sketch (sketching fashion figure)

how to draw a model for fashion design (drawing realistic fashion figure)

how to draw fashion croquis (drawing realistic fashion figure)

fashion figures illustration

Drawing pretty faces for female fashion models

illustration of a pretty fashion model with a scarf

fashion model illustration with a pretty face

Fashion sketches

female fashion sketch (drawing of a fashion model)

catwalk fashion sketch (sketching a walking fashion model)

charcoal fashion sketch (drawing a fashion model with charcoal)

men, women, children fashion sketches

fashion sketch drawing

Highly realistic fashion illustrations

African fashion illustration

African fashion figure illustration (by Igor Lukyanov)

African fashion model drawing (illustration by Igor Lukyanov)

Fashion Illustration Video

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