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Monday, September 6, 2010

After a relatively short period of time since I had made wildlife illustrations for American Wildlife t-shirts by Buffalo and Company (today the company is called Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. ), the guys from Buffalo & Co. got back to me to offer another wildlife illustrations project to expand the series of “Honor Your Wild” t-shirts. I guess the first promotional campaign was a success for Buffalo & Company and people loved their t-shirts for which I had had honor to draw beautiful animals of North America.

This time I was asked to draw male and female turkeys as well as male and female white-tailed deer (aka whitetails). The guys from Buffalo & Company loved my cross-hatching drawing technique, therefore I traditionally used this technique for the new illustrations to match the style which had become a feature of the t-shirts recently released by Buffalo & Company.

I want to show you low resolution copies of wildlife illustrations created for Buffalo and Company as well as videos which I traditionally shoot for those who may be interested in mastering cross-hatching technique or simply like watching an artist drawing.

Turkeys Illustration

male and female turkeys
Male and female turkeys

turkey t-shirt, tshirt with turkeys
Buffalo and Company's turkey t-shirt

White-Tailed Deer Illustrations

male white-tailed deer (aka whitetail buck)
Whitetail buck

female white-tailed deer (whitetail doe)
Whitetail doe

male and female white-tailed deer (whitetails)

I have always been impressed by how many creative ideas the management of Buffalo and Company has and how enthusiastic and energetic their team is. Being their best go to artist (as they call me), I was asked to help in implementing another their original idea of creating a unique series of American wildlife bow ties. For this purpose I was supposed to turn all wildlife illustrations previously created by me for Buffalo and Company into simplified black and white images, a kind of stencil pictures of animals (a bison, an elk, a brss, a trout, mallards, a male turkey and a male whitetail). And I did so, coz I am always happy to assist in my old clients’ projects and to help to bring their ideas to life. And here is what I came up with black and white American wildlife pics.

Stencil Wildlife Illustrations for Bow Ties

American wildlife animals stencil illustrations

Products with my wildlife illustrations are available at Buffalo & Company on-line store.

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