Pheasant Drawing

Friday, March 23, 2012

The whirring Pheasant springs,
And mounts, exulting on triumphant wings:
Ah! What avails his glossy, varying dyes,
His purple crest, and scarlet-circled eyes,
The vivid green his shining plumes unfold,
His painted wings, and breast that flames with gold.

Alexander Pope – Windsor Forest, 1713.

The extract of the above Pope’s poem describes the pheasant as an extremely beautiful bird. And it’s true. Unfortunately, I cannot see a lot of pheasants in my country but when I see a picture of a pheasant I imagine the royal hunting and all those noblemen riding horses in the pursue of this marvelous game bird. Pheasant hunting is one of the British Royal Family’s traditions. However pheasants are so beautiful that some members of the Royal Family want to forgo this custom although the birds are specially bred for this hunting event.

pheasant drawing
Drawing of a pheasant for the Exmoor White Horse Inn

Anyway, a pheasant has always being a symbol of nobility and royalty. For the apparent reason I associate royalty with the United Kingdom. That is why Avid Design made a right choice by including a drawing of a pheasant into the series of animal drawings they commissioned me for the Exmoor White Horse Inn. As you remember the series includes five pencil drawings of a trout, a wild goose, a pheasant, a deer and a horse. The pheasant drawing is probably the best one for a hotel in Great Britain to reflect the famous aristocratic spirit of the United Kingdom.

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