Drawing of the Alamo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I had never heard the story of the Alamo before I was commissioned to create a drawing of the Alamo chapel for Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. (former Buffalo and Company). Well, my ignorance here is natural and can be excused as I am not an American so I decided to look up in the Internet to learn the history behind this Alamo fortress. So I have filled this knowledge gap and now I know that for Americans and in particular for those of Texas origin the Alamo is a symbol of freedom, patriotic sacrifice, bravery and loyalty. If want to learn more about this story, you can read the Wikipedia article on the Battle of the Alamo or simply watch my work in progress video below which is set to the Ballad of the Alamo which pretty much tells sings the story.

drawing of the Alamo
Drawing of the Alamo fortress

Alamo t-shirt
This is how the Alamo t-shirt from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. looks like


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