Bison Tattoo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In this blog post I want just quickly share an image of a bison tattoo created by a tattoo studio in the United Kingdom. The guys from the studio were nice enough to contact me and show the picture of the tattoo as this tattoo had been created on the basis of my original bison drawing. A guy from the tattoo studio told me that they had a client who had brought in my drawing to have it done as a tattoo.

bison tattoo
Bison tattoo made from my drawing

I cannot call myself a big fan of the tattoo art but I also cannot but feel a little flattered that someone loved my bison drawing so much that he had made the decision to never part with the artwork by permanently imprinting the image on his skin. I also think that my drawing technique which looks like etching makes people believe that images in such style would make cool-looking tattoos. Do you, guys, think that the above tattoo looks better or at least as good as those made using more traditional technique? Please, let me know what you think in comments below.

By the way, here is my original drawing which served as the basis to create the bison tattoo.

My original bison drawing

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