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Friday, February 11, 2011

I am really enjoying the fact that my previous commissions, which results I showed in my blog, continue bringing new customers my way. Thus a week ago I was contacted by a lady from Romania whose good friend had found my panda drawings in the Interenet and referred her to me. The woman was about to have a panda bear tattoo done for her and she wanted me to create a cute panda tattoo design. She said pandas were one of her favorite animals and that’s why she had chosen a tattoo depicting this beautiful Chinese bear as her birthday present. She also said that the panda bears looked kind of sad all the time, because of the black spots from the eyes area, but she wanted her panda tattoo to be cute and happy, with an interesting smile. One of her requirements for the drawing stated that the bear’s body position should be unusual and interesting; it could be a playing animal offering a flower. So the picture was supposed to be extremely cute and touching.

I am not a big fan of tattoos as I thing that there is nothing more beautiful than a clean skin. But I could not help drawing such a cute and kind tattoo design. Why not? If this picture makes someone happier, I don’t mind drawing it even if it is a tattoo. I had created a few sketches for the Romanian lady to choose from and I drew the panda she liked most. Traditionally I used Pentel brush pens to make the drawing. Below you can see the final picture.

Drawing a panda tattoo design

panda tattoo
Panda tattoo

cute panda tattoo on skin
This is how the panda tattoo looks on skin

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