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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have recently been commissioned to create a few sketches based on a number of pictures of real-life animals to guide the design of cute stuffed animals toys. I was asked to illustrate baby animals from multiple photographs provided by the client. Those animals were a tiger cub, a bunny, a mouse and a marmot. The drawings were to involve my impression of the features most represented in the provided images to create a look that is cute and adorable, favoring on realism but not reproducing each detail of real-life animals. The client wanted the sketches to be suggestive of how a real, cute young animal would look, rather than a cartoon representation. The most important parts of the animals to be drawn were the upper torso, extremities and the head.

Good toys, especially those cute stuffed animals, have always evoked positive and tender emotions in me. I still remember plush toys I used to play in my early childhood. Today, being a father of three kids, I often visit toy shops to buy some cuddly toys for my children to play with. Today the choice of toys of any possible kind is much wider than when I was a kid. However, it’s always only a few soft toys that attract my attention more that dozens of others. And there is more than just a great design and cuteness that make me purchase this or that toy; there is something else – something special and individual which is hard to explain. I think those who create plush stuffed toys must have some kind of intuition to be able to make toys which would appeal both to children and to adults who often buy toys for their kids as a surprise gift, i.e. a child does not choose a toy himself/herself at a shop.

There are at least two reasons why I love this cute stuffed animal sketches project. Firstly, I am extremely happy that I had a chance to contribute with my drawing skills and artistic vision to the creation of cute stuffed toys which are very much likely to become favorite toys for hundreds or thousands of boys and girls to cultivate kindness and love for animals and all living beings in their little hearts. It is always a pleasure to create something good for kids as they are the most grateful people whose smiles are extremely inspiring and encouraging for further creations. Secondly, the project was very interesting while being relatively easy as it required only sketches of cute animals and conveying my artistic vision of young animals adapted for the stuffed toys look without having to elaborate complicated soft toys patterns and without showing toys design features.

Cute Stuffed Tiger Cub Toy

cute stuffed tiger
Sketch of a cute baby tiger to guide the design of a plush toy

Cute Stuffed Bunny Toy

cute stuffed bunny rabbit
This sketch of a cute rabbit will help people create plush toys for kids
Cute Stuffed Mouse Toy
cute stuffed mouse
Sketch of a mouse to be used to make a cute stuffed animal toy

Cute Stuffed Marmot Toy

cute animal stuffed toy - marmot aka groundhog
Sketch of a marmot also known as groundhog and woodchuck

I hope the guys who commissioned me know how to make stuffed toys which would appeal children and adults at the same time. Anyway, I am very happy to have participated in this cute stuffed animals project purposed to make kids happier.

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