Famous Men Portraits: Robert E. Lee

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today’s post is about my new artist commission from Buffalo and Company. This time I was hired to make portraits of famous men for a new series of t-shirts by Buffalo and Company. General Robert E. Lee is one of the men whose portraits I am supposed to draw. So, I’ll start with General Lee, and the others are coming soon in my next blog posts (please, check out corresponding links in the end of this port). Robert E. Lee was a US Civil War general who, despite being commanding the Confederate army (the South) and having surrendered and eventually lost the war, is respected all across the United States for his courage, intelligence and outstanding strategic mind which had made him one of the most honored American generals. Robert E. Lee had enough wisdom to make his contribution to settling up the conflict between North and South of the United States. General Robert E. Lee can be undoubtedly considered to be an icon for those who respect and honor the real man’s heart and soul.

Buffalo and Company has developed a philosophy of preserving and honoring a good old masculinity in men’s clothing and accessories they are manufacturing and selling. They do not forget those times when men were real men whose purpose of life was meeting challenges of nature while traveling and conquering new wild spaces on the Earth to expend civilization and to create better living for human beings; hunting and protecting their families and Motherland. Their clothing itself reflected their virility and readiness for adventures and brave deeds. The apparel they wore used to be comfortable, practical and had that look and feel associated with manhood. Today’s men’s fashion is somehow shifting away from the classic man’s appearance and lacks that peculiar manly spirit. One can often observe those men wearing clothing and haircuts which deprive them of the very look of a male, let alone a brave and ready-for-adventure look. This is not a good tendency as history teaches us that only courageous, smart, wise, purposeful and caring men led nations towards the progress regardless any obstacles, and difficult circumstances. And those guys, as we can see, were proud of being men and did their best to make their appearance correspond to that look which distinguished a strong male protector from a sweet tender female to be protected. That is why by creating a new series of t-shirts with a famous men portraits, guys from Buffalo and Company want once again remind the faces of those who are worth being followed and honored.

I want to demonstrate you not only the completed portrait of Robert E. Lee but also a video I’ve created to show you the process of drawing this American Civil War general's portrait using the cross-hatching technique. I hope you will enjoy watching the video and would be happy to read your comments about the portrait. I would also very much appreciate if you subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Portrait of General Robert E. Lee

Robert E Lee portrait (US Civil War general)
Robert E Lee

Robert E. Lee Signature T-Shirt

Robert E. Lee t-shirt
This is how a Robert E. Lee t-shirt by Buffalo and Company looks like

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Other portrait of Robert E. Lee
General Robert E. Lee and his horse Traveller
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Portrait of Ernest Hemingway
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Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt



Indigene January 28, 2011 at 7:21 PM  

Phenomenal Illustration!

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