Trout Drawing for a Hotel in England

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have recently been commissioned by an interior design consultancy from Great Britain (Avid Design) to make a series of wildlife drawings. I was to create five pencil drawings featuring a trout, a stag, a horse, a wild goose and a pheasant. Avid Design needed high resolution images of the animals to reproduce them on a glass film for a window at Exmoor White Horse Inn – a hotel situated in a picturesque area of South West England offering some wildlife-related activities such as safari, horse riding and the deer rutting season.

I will dedicate a blog post to each particular drawing created within this Avid Design project. This post features a trout which is a fish taking a special place in every fisherman's heart.

trout drawing, jumping fish
Trout drawing for Exmoor White Horse Inn

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