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Saturday, May 5, 2012

You might already know from my previous posts that Buffalo and Co. (one of my biggest customers) is in the process of re-branding into Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. For that reason the company is about to introduce a whole range of new t-shirts for which quite a number of drawings have been created by me. Among those new t-shirts to be soon released by Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. will be a few related to politics and in particular those featuring symbols of two modern US parties – the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant.

drawing of a donkey
Donkey drawing for Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Democratic Party donkey t-shirt
This is how the Democratic Donkey t-shirt from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. looks like

In this post I won’t talk about American political parties as I am not competent enough to discuss how good or bad they are for USA citizens as I do not belong to them. I only want to show you the image of a donkey merely as another drawing of an animal created by me.

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