Elephant Drawing

Friday, June 1, 2012

A drawing of an elephant had been created as another template for political t-shirts from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. just like the donkey drawing I wrote a few posts ago. An elephant and a donkey were drawn for t-shirts featuring symbols of two major American parties – Republicans (elephant) and Democrats (donkey).

elephant drawing
Elephant drawing for Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

republican elephant t-shirt
This is how the Republican Elephant t-shirt from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. looks like

And again I won’t delve into politics of the United States of America in this post because I know nothing about it. All I know is that it seems that the majority of customers of Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. supports the Republican Party and welcomed t-shirts with the elephant while booing t-shirts featuring the Democratic donkey. However the guys from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. wanted to be fair and spent their time and money to make t-shirts for the Republican Party supporters as well. But anyway I simply wanted to show you the elephant drawing here without politics involved.

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