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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Slow lorises and slender lorises are cute animals but their cuteness has put them on the brink of extinction. Many people do not understand that slow lorises are not like kittens or puppies and having them as pets is actually dangerous for their health and even for the very existence of the entire population of these primates.

cute slow loris, slender loris, endangered species
Slow loris - endangered because cute

Cute pets are popular on the Internet. So I decided to leverage the power of cuteness and promote the idea of preserving the wildlife by making a call through my art for abstaining from human’s fads which do nothing but put innocent animals in peril and physical suffering. Slow lorises undergo a painful untoothing procedure which suggests cutting out or pulling up to 8 of their teeth before delivering them as pets. This awful operation is often done with simple nail clippers and in many cases it causes lethal infection or blood loss, not to mention an excruciating pain the animals experience.

I really hope that someone looking to buy a slow loris as a pet will get to this page and change his/her mind after reading this article. It is important to make the demand for pet lorises decrease by raising people's awareness of this species endangerment and tortures. That’s why I’ve made this drawing of a cute slow loris. Hopefully, this image will attract some visitors to this page and those who wish to adopt a loris as an exotic pet will shift their focus to less endangered animals or traditional pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters etc.

You’d Better Purchase a Hi-Res Image than a Real Slow Loris

Slow lorises’ cuteness creates a truly insatiable desire in lots of people for keeping one of these living cartoons at home as a pet. Many of those who set off to buy a slow loris are probably not aware of the harm they are causing these long-suffering creatures by keeping them locked in their houses and thus helping boost the illegal pet trade. I know it may seem a poor substitution but I strongly recommend that you’d better purchase my drawing of a cute slow loris than a real one. So why it’s better to buy the high resolution image for those who love slow lorises and would like to express their love by protecting them rather than supporting pet smugglers’ cruel business with their money?

  • You can print out this drawing and hang it on a wall to always get amused with the slow loris’ cuteness without paying for harming and torturing it;
  • You will be able to tell more about the slow loris endangerment to your friends and relatives who will see this cool drawing in your place;
  • You can print this high resolution royalty free image on a t-shirt or publish it on a website or a magazine to let the wide public know about the endangered species issue:
  • slow loris t-shirt, endangered species t-shirt
    You can print the image on a t-shirt to let people know about the problem of slow loris endangerment.
  • You will support my social work in creating drawings to address people from all over the world with the problem of endangered animals.

I have a few special ideas of artworks dedicated to the endangered species issues. Unfortunately, I cannot focus on social projects too often as I have to work on paid commissions to be able to pay my bills and feed the family. If people buy my animal drawings, they will help create a budget necessary for me to spend more time on my wildlife protection initiative without having to worry too much about money.

Raised so far: $15


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