How Google’s Webspam Team Works (Featuring Matt Cutts)

Friday, June 7, 2013

It’s unlikely that anybody who visits my blogs knows who Matt Cutts is. I myself was unaware of the man till recently. But in fact Matt is a very useful man who works as the head of Google's Webspam team which goal is to protect all us, users of the World Wide Web, from an annoying and sometimes even dangerous spam. But let me tell you why I am writing about him here.

Challenging the Power of the Internet

So I have a good fried who works as a translator, copywriter and SEO (search engine optimizer) and who helps me a lot with promoting my business online. He never stops talking about the outstanding power of the Internet in the matter of getting any message to the world and reaching out to influencers of any industry. According to my friend the only thing needed to attract attention even of the biggest guys is the content that would appeal to them. And so I asked him who were the influencers of the industry HE worked in and whether I could reach out to them with MY content and with the help of the almighty Internet. I learned then a few names from my friend including Matt Cutts who seemed to be Zeus for SEO’s.
Matt Cutts cartoon with Penguin and Panda
Matt Cutts fighting spam with his "team"
So the challenge for me as an artist was to create an image that would be shared in the World Wide Web and eventually be seen by Matt Cutts. And hopefully this image would be appealing enough for Matt so that he would be willing to leave his comment below the post. I have come up with this cartoon showing Matt Cutts fighting spam with a penguin and a panda (as I learnt from my friend, Penguin and Panda were the codenames of the latest Google’s search engine updates aimed at reducing spam and offering a better search experience for all Google users). The idea was to depict Matt driving a vehicle which would remind the word “Google”.

Well, let’s hope it won’t take too long for Matt Cutts to see this cartoon and comment here. I also hope I’ll be able to tell apart real Matt Cutts from false ones that may want to comment as well.

Update: Matt replied me in Twitter within 10 minutes (!) after this post was published. I am now totally convinced of the outstanding power of the Internet!
Matt Cutts on twitter
Matt Cutts replied me in a moment after this blog post was published


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