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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another large part of my clients, since I started my freelancer illustrator career, is people who want illustrative logo design and mascot images. I know that realistic logos are not that popular as symbolic and abstract ones (although I can design such logos too) but this sort of logos is still in demand. As to mascots they are always in demand and especially for web applications. I want to show you a few realistic illustrative logos and mascots created by me.

Realistic illustrative logos:

realistic illustrative logo (sports golf)

fashion realistic logo

bear and girl realistic illustrative logo

bison, buffalo realistic logo

realistic logo (bison, American buffalo)

buffalo logo

realistic illustrative logo (carnival ferris wheel)

realistic illustrative logo (people silhouette)

illustrative realistic logo (man silhouette)

panda mascot

Other logo and mascot posts:

Drawing a panda bear mascot


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