Cowgirl Pin-Up

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cowgirl pin-up is probably the most American custom pin-up I have created so far. This drawing had been commissioned by a woman named Sarah as a gift for her husband who was a military contractor in the Middle East.

cowgirl pin-up
Personalized cowgirl pin-up

If you look back to the history of pin-up art, you will notice that paintings of pin-up girls became extremely popular during World War 2 when they were source material for American nose art – a painting on the fuselage of a military aircraft. Paintings of beautiful pin-up girls reminded soldiers about their most important goal of getting back home safe and sound to meet again their wives or girlfriends. What else can be more stimulating and exciting for a young trooper than thinking about the beloved woman waiting for him somewhere far away? Pin-up nose art was a kind of a representation of woman’s grace and beauty so much missed by soldiers fighting overseas. This art can also be regarded as a symbol of peace and joy of life which, for men, is usually built upon comfort and delights only the woman can offer.

Thoughts about the history of pin-up helped me realize that my personalized pin-up drawings could be a perfect gift idea for wives and girlfriends wishing to surprise their men in the army and to get them something to keep their moral and spirits high in tough times of military service.

Sarah’s cowgirl pin-up gift was even wiser than that. Cowboy / cowgirl culture is one of well-known symbols of America. Therefore the pin-up not only evokes tender feelings in Sarah’s husband’s heart for his beautiful wife but also stimulates his patriotic ardor and love for his motherland. Furthermore Sarah and her husband, living in North Carolina, seem to be big fans of cowboys / cowgirls style of life. They even have a horse trailer which they promised to decorate with the pin-up by turning it into a vinyl sticker (and I am very much honored). So, by giving a custom cowgirl pin-up portrait of herself to her husband, Sarah made him appreciate even more her beauty, their country and the way of life they enjoy together. Isn’t it a wonderful gift?

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