Custom Vector Illustrations for a Chiropractor

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have recently created a series of custom vector illustrations for a chiropractor from Paris named Fabien. He commissioned me to make 8 illustrations in a peculiar style which looks like old school comics style advertisements. Fabien wanted to print out a big poster incorporating illustrations which would represent real life situations when people are suffering from pain caused by certain pathologies, harmful conditions or injuries which can be effectively treated by an experienced chiropractor like Fabien C-Storz. So if you urgently need help of a manual therapist while in Paris, make sure you contact Fabien for a quick relief or a comprehensive treatment (you can visit his website at Meanwhile, let me show you the illustrations I created for him:

Custom Illustrations for a Poster at the Manual Therapist's Room

ankle sprain


digestive disorder, indigestion
Digestive disorder

tendinitis, tendonitis

stress at work

stiff neck, torticollis, wryneck
Stiff neck (torticollis)

migraine, headache

lumbago and sciatica
Lumbago and sciatica

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