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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My first graphic facilitation commission has not remained unnoticed. Shortly after I had published my blog post about graphic facilitation I was contacted by a representative of CipherEx (a computer consulting services company that designs, models, tests, and builds secure networks) who asked me to create an entire series of graphic facilitation videos to visually capture some important office and network security rules for their customers to remember. The guy who contacted me called this work visual scribing and I think this term, indeed, suits the visual facilitation process which suggests no live drawing. So, from now on I’ll call this kind of work visual scribing or simply scribing.

visual scribing
My new visual scribing commission suggested drawing with an invisible hand

The main challenge in the CipherEx’s assignment was that the customer wanted the drawing hand to be invisible in the final video. I knew that it could be done with some iPad applications which make it possible to record the drawing process through a stylus. However, taking into consideration more important needs, purchasing an iPad was not an option. It took some time to develop my method of the “invisible hand” visual scribing with the equipment available to me at that time. While honing the method I managed to complete the first video of the series in September 2012. And the customer was happy with the result. I’ve got customer’s permission to share this video, so you can watch it below:

Visual Scribing: Security Around the Office


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