Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thomas Jefferson was the third and one of the greatest presidents of the United States. During his presidency the USA purchased Louisiana and started exploration of unknown territories (Wild West), with Lewis and Clark Expedition being the first major expedition to the American Old West. Jefferson also laid down the foundation of today’s democracy and freedom the United States are so proud of. Thomas Jefferson was an extraordinary man whose wisdom, cleverness and talents won him the respect of people of the USA and other nations. Therefore Buffalo and Company could not help having a portrait of Thomas Jefferson for its heritage t-shirts series which had been commissioned from me.

As always I show work progress video along with the portrait itself. When watching this video you can enjoy wonderful music of Arcangelo Corelli – one of Jefferson’s most favorite composers. One of interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson is that he was a passionate music lover and an amateur violinist. I really enjoy when I manage to convey the atmosphere of the époque through music in my videos.

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson portrait
Thomas Jefferson

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