John F. Kennedy Portrait

Friday, June 3, 2011

The portrait of John F. Kennedy was another artwork created by me for Buffalo & Company’s Famous Men T-shirt series. John Kennedy is probably one of the most famous US presidents. However, outside the United States this president is mostly known because of being assassinated and all that mystery around his murder. Nevertheless people whose knowledge about John Fitzgerald Kennedy extends beyond his mysterious assassination consider the President Kennedy one of the greatest presidents of the United States even in spite of being the youngest one. JFK actually became a political idol for quite a lot of people even outside of the USA.

Portrait of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy portrait
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy t-shirt
John F. Kennedy t-shirt by Buffalo & Company

John F. Kennedy was one of the first presidents to face challenges of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. In this respect JFK’s activity is of special interest to me as I was born in the USSR. It’s great to be able to learn more about this president and listen to his speeches which had been unavailable for average Soviet people. Youtube and Wikipedia provide the access to such information today and I really enjoy the opportunity of getting to know John F. Kennedy’s heritage further. I love how passionate, patriotic and encouraging Kennedy’s speeches were. It seems that he truly believed in what he said and there was a kind of energy in his words that made people believe his promises too. His speeches inspire me greatly, most probably because of lack of politicians of such caliber in my country. That’s why when creating the drawing progress video I included a few famous quotes by President John F. Kennedy to the background music (soundtrack from the movie “JFK”). You can watch the video below.

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What I also understood while learning about John F. Kennedy was that rivalry with the USSR had actually had a very positive influence on the USA with respect to technological development, human rights protection and the freedom of speech in the United States. The rivalry between two super powers was like a competition between two businesses compelling to create better products and services to be ahead of the competitor. This competition resulted in the need to protect and cherish the national values Americans are so proud of today such as equal rights of any individual, patriotism and urge towards being the best in any sphere of life. Ideological opposition to the USSR as well as ardent desire of Americans to compete in technological sectors allowed the United States to create a society offering a better life standards and fair rewards for work and skills not only for Americans themselves but also for other people from all over the world willing to assist in further improvement of people’s lives and maintaining values of a democratic society.

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