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Sunday, November 15, 2009

As you already know my biggest passion is drawing portraits. And I am always happy when people order me serious realistic portraits. No matter how I draw a portrait, either from a client's photo or from a model, I enjoy every single minute of this incomparable process of artistic creation. I also love the portrait drawing process because it requires minimal use of auxiliary software, or more often software is not needed at all. I appreciate artist’s soul and heart put in a portrait rather than artificial effects created with graphic editing software, that’s why I consider my portraits to be the brightest gems in my portfolio.

As you see I prefer using a pen and a pencil as my drawing tools.

realistic portrait of a man by Igor Lukyanov (cross-hatching)

portrait of a Ukrainian girl by artist Igor Lukyanov (cross-hatching)

realistic portrait

Ukrainian girl portrait (cross-hatching)

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