A Custom Greeting Card with a Portrait Can Be an Original Gift Idea

Friday, November 20, 2009

I and one of my friends were discussing an idea of creating custom greeting cards, postal cards and invitations with client’s portrait or caricature a few months ago. A thought crossed my mind that this kind of custom greeting cards could be a very cool and original gift idea. And my friend assured me it would be awesome to create something like this. He also suggested designing custom greeting and postal cards for specific nations (like using national costumes, various decorations characteristic to a specific nation).

We thought then that we should create some postal cards with beautiful Ukrainian women wearing national costumes and thus train my skills and experiment with design concepts. However, I was unable to squeeze the custom greeting cards design skills training into my tight schedule. The only chance to train the skills and see how a greeting card with a custom portrait of a client would look like was possible if I could find a customer who would wish to have this kind of unusual gift designed for him/her or for his/her friend. And guess what? I was lucky enough to find a custom greeting card wishing client in just a couple of weeks after this brilliant idea had struck my mind. So it was a guy who wanted an original and unique gift for his girl-friend from Germany. He gave me a number of pictures of the girl from a social media website where she had an account and had placed a few photos of herself. The guy wanted something simple: a greeting card with a kind of a vintage portrait and minimum of decoration. So I made the one (which I show right below this paragraph) in exact conformity with his wishes and requirements. He said the girl-friend was more that happy to receive such an unhackneyed gift. The guy and the girl-friend were very kind to give me permission to show this greeting card in my portfolios and blogs.

custom greeting card, personalized gift

That’s how I got persuaded that a custom greeting card with a beautiful portrait is an interesting and unusual gift to be presented to a friend, a wife, a husband, a colleague or any other person on any occasion as a greeting card can be tailor-made in accordance to client’s wishes, ideas and visions. Furthermore, this customization allows conveying any kind of message or evoking a desired feeling in the person to which the gift is presented.

And this one below is my first experimental custom greeting card. I was planning to modify woman’s face and change body and clothing to look like any woman a client wants to be depicted on the greeting card. This one is like a default customizable model :)

personalized greeting card

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