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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, dear visitors of my blog. My name is Igor Lukyanov. I am an illustrator, artist and graphic designer from Ukraine. I’ve recently started my career as a freelancer illustrator and artist after working for a web design company for some time. When I started my career as a graphic designer I had to learn how to create professional looking graphics by my own with only a few people who could help me with my study. Today things with graphic design education are much easier with option ranging from local graphic design training courses to online schools which offer graphic design degree just like normal art schools (I can't attest for the quality but it is an option). Fortunately, I managed to gain some decent experience but I never stop learning and striving to be a better artist, illustrator and graphic designer with every day. I understand that working as a freelancer gives me much more freedom in my creative activity as well as more clients and positive experience of communicating with various interesting people from over the world. It was amazing to find out that my illustrations, portraits and graphics are highly demanded and appreciated. Having realized the fact that my talent can bring me more success through independent work, and that working as a freelancer illustrator can be conducive to further skills development in various areas of illustrations (such as fashion illustrations, custom portraits and original post and greeting cards, children’s book illustrations), I made my first steps in freelance world without any fear. Furthermore, I managed to build a rich portfolio of illustrations and portraits. It’s amazing, but finding clients does not seem to be an uphill work as I used to think. I found clients almost immediately after I have started looking for them. This is when my portfolio came in handy. Now I have requests for fashion illustrations, cartoon drawings, custom portraits from photos, original greeting cards with portraits or caricatures, t-shirt designs and logo designs etc.

I understand that I must promote my name on-line as much as possible to get more clients and provide illustrator services non-stop. That is why I decided to create this blog to allow my prospect customers to learn more about me and my work. Please, feel free to contact me if you need services of professional illustrator.

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